Nutrition is a huge part of health and Wellbeing and having been quite a “chubby teenager” I have learned what works for me to stay fit and healthy. I love good food and think it’s one of the real pleasures of life. . I can think of nothing better than a delicious meal with a good bottle of wine, around a table with great friends!

I try to eat good quality food made with good ingredients and with lots of colour on the plate. Breakfast is a must and one of our traditions on a weekend is Eggs and bacon with the works and delicious brown toast and fresh Orange juice.

My favourite meals are grilled steak, chicken or fish with colorful salads or vegetables. Having been a professional athlete – obviously fitness has been a huge part of my life and a discipline I find difficult to live without. Running is a passion of mine and I meet 3 times a week locally with great friends.

Exercise is a key ingredient to my wellbeing.  It maybe a walk in the Park or a jog with friends, getting outdoors and exercising in the fresh air makes me feel so good.  In the last few years I have discovered Yoga.  I wish now that I had discovered this 20 years ago.  I regularly, through the year host my own event “The Perfect Match”  which is a Tennis & Yoga retreat at one of our Venues.  Visit the link below for more details;

Wellbeing Tennis Escape

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