Country: Great Britain
Residence: Kingston Upon Thames
Date of Birth: 12 July 1966
Place of Birth: Farnborough, Kent
Retired: 1988


Wimbledon Girls Champion
Australian Open Girls Champion


Career record: 49-68
Career Titles: 1
Highest ranking: 21 (31 December 1985)

Grand Slam results

Australian Open: 2R (1984, 1985)
French Open: 2R (1986)
Wimbledon: 3R (1984)
US Open: 3R (1986)

Off Court profile

Sky Runner – Treasure Hunt (1988)
Runner up in Superstars (2003)
Famous, Rich and Homeless (2008)
Fear Factor (2004)
Amazon Prime pundit/commentator (current)
Eurosport Presenter (current)



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